Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Why has my little toe turned dark?

it doesnt hurt and no matter how much i let it grow out anf cut it its the same color. it happened out of no where and has lasted a long time. its also not the same texture and shape it used to be. help?
Yeah, you must mean the nail, otherwise it sounds like gangrene of the toe (are you diabetic??) If it is the toeNAIL, I guess you may have damaged the nail bed at some time, perhaps unknowingly. tight pointy-toed shoes? Or it could be a fungal problem.Whatever it is nail or toe, you should get it seen by a doctor or a qualified podiatrist - your health clinic may have one or there are lots of private ones. And check out the links below:
I guess you mean the toenail, not the toe? No idea
It will soon drop off.
could be a large blood blister
Because it's dirty?
You should definately see your doctor for this.First,it doesnt sound very good,even if its just the nail about to fall off for whatever reason.Seeing a doctor about it will rule out anything more serious.Good luck:)

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