Sunday, October 25, 2009

Why do my pinky toenails fall off?

a few months ago i lost both of my pinky toenails around the same time and they grew back. now i lost one of them again. why do my pinky toenails fall off? i didnt stub it or anything. thanks.
Do you wear tight/pointy shoes? All of those cute, trendy, pointy shoes make my pinky toe nails crack lengthwise and the outer half on both sides fall off. I think it is the shoes because it is only the pinkies (which get squished in that shoe style) and if I stay out of the bad shoes for a while, the toe nails get better.
Some how you have damaged your nail bed.
that is something that you need to go to the doctor for!
What are you not eating??
I had a foster daughter that lost all her fingernails 3 days after coming to live with me. but, she was found frozen to the porch,waiting for her mother to come home from the bar.
I am going to assume you don't have any form of frostbite...I am thinking 2 things.
those damn pointed shoes that we designed because someone ran outta ideas for shoe type
or you are not taking care of your bones,teeth and fingernails.
also get your nails done by you!
So...drink your milk and eat tuna until you barf and take a one-a-day...sheesh,.you kids!

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