Saturday, October 31, 2009

Why does my belly button smell?

my belly button smells quiet bad. i shower daily and have good personal hygiene.
Doesn't matter if you're skin and bones or if you're overweight.sheesh.
It's a HOLE, everything gathers in there. My husband calls it his lint trap. ;)
Take a few Qtips, swirl them around in there to get as much out as you can.---Could take more than a few.
Then you take some alcohol on a Qtip and swirl that around in there----could burn a bit if it's raw and sore.
Then take some more Qtips and swirl them around until your navel's dry.Make sure you dry it out thoroughly every time you shower or if you're sweating a lot.---This happens to everybody at some time or another. I have this happen about once a year, mostly in the winter when I'm covered from head to toe all the time.If it's sore and red, grab some Neosporin and swirl it around in there---with a Qtip. :)
maybe because your not cleaning it with baby oil and cotton buds once a week..
You have to wash the belly button and dry it too.
Build up of soap maybe
Im not being funny...but does it smell like poo??
Are you sure the smell is not emanating from the region further south from your belly button
It is becoming infected, due to perspiration, Keep it dry. Go to doctors or the nurse who will probably give you some poder to put on.
Probably because not a lot of air circulation gets into the most inner part of it. And also, sweat could get into it.It's just something to live with, I guess. and quit smelling your belly button!! :) LOL
you must make sure that you dry your skin with towel after shower. Moist areas are reservoir of a fungal infection. try to consult your physician, it may be a fungal infection which one of the signs and symptoms is a bad smell.
Its probably infected. I had this once, and when I stuck a cotton bud in it came out with nastyness and blood on it. A little Germolene or TCP on a cotton bud, few times a day, will heal infection.
It happens to most people. Just wash and dry it often.
Are you overweight? sweat and other "things" and odors collect in the belly button. persons whom are "fat" the BB will collapse or crease and the odors seem to stay there longer.
Wash it...and then dry it too.
I think it happens if you put on alot of weight around your stomach, the depth of your bellybutton increases and makes it harder to clean and particularly dry properly. Other than that it could be an infection, best to see your GP really.
i had the same problem before. later on, i figured out what was happening. Firstly, i did not dry the insides of the belly button properly. moisture built up and soon bacteria started growing on it. Secondly, i was probably not applying soap to it when i was showering. so my belly button was'nt clean! that's probably wats happening to you, considering that bacteria give out smell during their life processes. Yes, it sounds absolutely disgusting. but its the sad truth. I suggest you dry the insides of your belly button before applying baby powder. it shouldn't be serious. So rest assured. :P
Belly buttons do !! Make sure when you bath or shower you give it a good soap up and rinse properly; but don't poke it about too much !
you might have an infection. Try cleaning it with some cotton wool and some antiseptic - TCP, dettol etc. If it doesnt improve go and see the doctor.
try washing
I had the same problem. If you look closely when you clean it, there's a greyish dirt that contains the smell. It comes from persperation, moisture from showering, and dead skin cells. The dead skin cells trap the moisture causing it to grow fungus or sometimes the skin decays, nothin serious. All you have to do is clean your belly button with soap and dry it thoroughly after you shower. Periodically use alcohol and a cottonswab to clean it out.

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